So, bid goodbye to unruly neighbors or irritating

I think the original post got deleted but here’s the picture. The absolute hubris of charging $300 for a Bowie record signed by Morrissey is breathtaking. Reznor told Fortune magazine (that noted bastion of music journalism) that after his experience last year, when he gave the Rock Hall induction speech for The Cure, he now thinks the institution is actually pretty cool.

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The drawing, depicting the killer with a mop of curls topping off a long face filled with rotten teeth showed none of the demonic sex appeal that would stir the passions of so many jailhouse groupies after Ramirez’s capture. However, anyone who had lived to describe Ramirez had also survived being beaten and raped by him. What they saw was a monster not a rock star..

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A Starvation diet, contrary to common belief, is definitely the wrong way to decrease your weight in the shortest time possible. This is because of a number of reasons and based upon these reasons, you will learn that a starvation diet will provide you with more harm than good. It is also untrue that a starvation diet can be used successfully in conjunction with bodybuilding exercises..

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